.. There is NO HOTEL on Point Roberts. And that causes problems. For decades in the last century Cedar House Inn filled that nead. Summer vactioners or visiting family members could find a place to stay. But then Inn stopped operating. Now its back on the market seeking a new captian.
The building was crafted by modifying a pre-cut kit. Eighteen rooms on 2 floors, with 2 decks, 2.5 bathrooms, 2 kitchens, and two city lots to provide parking. And while not "operating the Inn",the current owner has been filling the house with the same kind of people. Newcomers, short term workers, movie crew members, boaters, and others. The potential for frequent "Full House" condition has been demonstrated. The pictures below show you a glimse of the property, maps of the area, land and floor plan documents.
I'd love to talk with prospective buyers.

For more information, email FrontDesk @ CedarHouseInnPointRoberts.com

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Aa-FrontofHouse Ab-FrontWestViewDeck BC PointR BellinghamMap BD-Deckw-Atree DwnEntryRoom
Aa-FrontofHouse.jpg Ab-FrontWestViewDeck.jpg BC PointR BellinghamMap.jpg BD-Deckw-Atree.jpg DwnEntryRoom.jpg
FloorPlan1&2 Gulf Rd Inn googleEarth Gulf Road House First Floor Gulf Upstairs Bathroom Gulf-house-distance
FloorPlan1&2.jpg Gulf Rd Inn googleEarth.jpg Gulf Road House First Floor.jpg Gulf Upstairs Bathroom.jpg Gulf-house-distance.jpg
GulfLivingRoom GulfRoadmap Lots layout 1534 others PR-southWest LightH park to marina SeaBrightMapPRwithLegend
GulfLivingRoom.jpg GulfRoadmap.jpg Lots layout 1534 others.jpg PR-southWest LightH park to marina.jpg SeaBrightMapPRwithLegend.jpg